Before You Go

Dear Friends,

we are very much looking forward to being with you soon for our gathering on Christianity and Religion in China: Past, Present, Future.

As you will have seen, the very final version of the program is available online and printed copies will be available at registration. You can also see the detailed abstracts and biographies of speakers online and we will also have printed copies at registration of these also.

Registration will take place in the courtyard of Ming Hua College on Wednesday between 3.00 and 4.00 pm promptly.

For those presenting, please can all speakers and session chairs be reminded that (aside from our opening plenary addresses), without exception every presenter will have a maximum of twenty minutes to speak. Chairs will be asked to keep to these times strictly. A rough guide is about 6-8 pages in length maximum so you can read at a comfortable pace and ensure the audience can appreciate your research as fully as possible!

For session chairs, we will provide a copy of the biographies and abstracts so they can briefly introduce the speakers in their respective sessions. We are extremely grateful to all chairs for being willing to help in this way.

Finally, please be also ready to confirm at registration (a) whether you will attend the closing banquet on Saturday evening and (b) whether you will be travelling with us by bus to CUHK for Friday’s programs.

Any last minutes announcements will be posted on the webpage. Please note that as everyone will be travelling in the coming days, there will be a delayed response to emails. Please try only to send emails if absolutely urgent.

We wish you safe travels for those of you coming from a distance and elsewhere in China.

With all best wishes,

Your conference Organizers